Roman Shapla


For over a decade Roman has been creating permaculture-inspired activities for children.

Growing up in Kentucky he would spend all day outdoors exploring the woods and fields until well past dark. This immersion instilled in him a deep connection to the natural world at a young age. Roman brings this connection and passion into every class he teaches.

In 2003 he received a BA in Anthropology with a focus on child-rearing among primitive cultures. Shortly after graduating, Roman moved to the Pacific Northwest to join the bourgeoning permaculture movement. Surprised at the lack of options for parents in general and children in particular, he decided to create the resources himself.

Since 2005 Roman has taught permaculture and nature awareness to kids through games, art, and activities he developed. In 2011 he returned to school to receive his Master of Education degree with an emphasis on designing permaculture-based curriculum for public schools.

Roman is currently the Education Programs Coordinator for a nonprofit children’s museum. This position allows him to plan classes and events aimed at introducing permaculture to over 80,000 annual visitors.