Frequently Asked Questions

Does the curriculum follow any permaculture standards?

The Children’s Permaculture Design Course follows the World Standard PDC Outline developed by Permaculture Visions International and approved by Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Institute.

How is the Children’s PDC curriculum organized?

The content itself is divided into twelve blocks with each block containing four parts. Each part covers a different theme (e.g. community, patterns). This roughly correlates as one month (block) and four weeks (themes). However, because each child is unique, students are encouraged to move at their own pace.

What subjects does the course cover? What will my child be learning each week?

Click on the link below to see the entire Children’s PDC curriculum:


What does a typical weekly lesson plan look like?

An average lesson plan is based on a single theme and includes theory, examples, demonstrations, facts, journaling, challenges, games, projects, homework assignments, and much more. Subjects covered in each lesson including Science, Art, Humanities, Mathematics, Social Studies, and English.

How much work is required by the student each week?

Children are only asked to complete the two Homework assignments. Anything beyond that is included to develop and broaden the child’s understanding. There are Demonstrations & Activities to help explain concepts, Games & Art projects to add more fun and beauty to their life, Thoughts & Reading lists to promote literacy, and Tasks & Challenges to encourage children to try new things. These are optional and selected at the parent’s discretion (depending on the child’s age, interests, circumstances, etc.).

What happens when my child finishes the course?

After successful completion of the course, students will receive a certification package which includes a Children’s PDC certificate and other great surprises from the Children’s Permaculture Guild, the world’s oldest youth-focused permaculture organization.

But the learning doesn’t stop there: students may continue their studies as we offer lessons based on specialty topics (e.g. Fermentation for Kids) or they may choose to dive deeper with advanced lessons that expand their understanding.

What learning style are the lesson based on?

Our curriculum is designed to be implemented in whatever manner best fits the individual child’s needs. Using these lesson plans adults may choose to collaborate (Reggio), guide (Montessori), or direct (Waldorf) the learning process. The curriculum can also be used to supplement traditional schooling (private or public), enhance family-centered education (homeschool), or inspire child-directed learning (unschooling).

Is this course right for my child?

Regardless of ability, background, previous knowledge, or motivation level, this course is priceless for children everywhere. From the independent learner to those requiring a little guidance, from kids living in large urban centers to those in the rural countryside – children from all walks of life will benefit from this permaculture course. We must provide them with the tools they need to help shape their world in a truly sustainable fashion.

What age is the course for? Is my child too young/old for this?

The greatest challenge is writing information in a way that is accessible to both a 5 year old and a 12 year old. We have tried to design our curriculum to make it accessible to the greatest number of children. Some on the younger spectrum might need parental input, while those on the older spectrum can challenge themselves to complete all of the activities, add more detail, do more research, etc. Plus, since permaculture is a new concept to many, this course would also be invaluable to teenagers as well.

What do I get with my one year membership?

Members will receive four monthly lesson plans, newsletters, regular videos, free content, special activities, teacher feedback, parent support, access to online discussion group, giveaways, and tons more!

Can I only purchase one month at a time?

In order to make this available to as many families as possible we are offering two payment options:
You can either purchase the entire course or pay-as-you-go month to month.

How much does membership cost?

We are offering an introductory price of only $32.95 a month. This is easily half the price of the cheapest online PDC offered right now! For roughly a dollar a day, you can give the next generation the skills necessary to create a sustainable world – and have fun in the process!