“It is my belief that regenerative living education is fundamental in creating a healthy longterm future, especially in context with current conditions. Experience has shown me that people across all kinds of boundaries, rich or poor, right wing or left wing, all kinds of cultures, etc, will embark on new ways of living for the love and inspiration of their children. For that reason, I have come to believe in the power of children to create widespread grassroots change, and have dedicated my life to creating access to permaculture education for as many children as possible, as soon as possible. It was deeply heartening when Roman began communication with me about his work in the same field well over a decade ago, as there were so few of us out there. It was quite a treat to meet and work with him when he attended our course in Portland years later. During that time together the treasure that he is unfolded before our group’s eyes, minds and hearts. Roman has permaculture and children in his heart and his marrow. He has the spirit of an old soul child of nature, lovingly breathing his work in and out masterfully. His children’s permaculture creations are purely intuitive, engaging and wonder-full. He is a treasure in a world that direly needs a hundred thousand of him. I feel deeply appreciative and fortunate to have worked beside him, and have great hope that we will do so again and again. Being in the presence of his impassioned focus and joy in this work is quite contagious. His contributions to this work are just what humanity needs in this pivotal moment, and I appreciate them profoundly for the good things they bring to humankind and all of biodiversity.”

Patty Parks-Wasserman, Institute of Permaculture Education for Children

“It was a joy to Mentor Roman Shapla in his permaculture design course 8 years ago. His inclusive nature has enabled permaculture to be brought to a broader audience.  Roman has exhibited a passion towards working with youth in all aspects of the permaculture process from design to implementation.  He strived to make sure permaculture was accessible to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.  Since 2007 I have appreciated and encouraged his designs for emphasizing child-friendly playgrounds, gardens, school yards, and commons.  Roman has been a pioneer in the field by creating permaculture-based lessons specifically for kids. I am proud of Roman’s work.”

April Sampson-Kelly, Permaculture Visions International 

“Roman is deeply passionate about children, nature, and permaculture. I was lucky to meet him and bring my kids to play games with him. They instantly bonded with his style and were fully engaged with his games. Roman has wonderful ideas and the follow through to make things happen! We are grateful he is bringing this work forward!”

Abby Wyers, Connecting Ways Parenting