The inaugural International Children’s Permaculture Convergence will take place in September 2016!

Why a Convergence for children?
Too often these days children are treated as a logistical issue or an afterthought in the planning process. We believe it’s time we begin designing for the inclusion of their input, skills, and energy. If we are to build healthy communities based on food security and sustainable living we must embrace future generations.

What can we expect at the event?
The ICPC will feature kid’s classes on everything from permaculture to herbal medicine, from gardening to natural art, from primitive skills to wildcrafting.

Will there be workshops for adults?
There is a possibility of classes on pedagogy, working with schools, etc. However the emphasis will be on hands-on activities for kids.

Where will the Convergence take place?
We are currently looking at locations in the Willamette Valley and in Southern Oregon.

How often will the ICPC occur?
We hope for this to be an annual event. The 2017 Convergence will be hosted in Slovenia.

How can I volunteer/sponsor the event?
For more information contact:

More details coming soon!