Children’s Permaculture Design Course

Introduce permaculture concepts to your children through fun & games!

Membership includes:

  • Personalized instruction and individualized feedback from the teacher.
  • Permaculture-based curriculum that meets national standards
  • Lesson plans that emphasize a multidisciplinary approach to┬ánature
  • Monthly newsletter featuring essays, book reviews, and special activities
  • Access to our online community of parents, educators, and enthusiasts
  • Weekly updates containing free content, audio & video resources, special giveaways and much more!

We are happy to offer parents three options:

  1. Purchase one lesson Block at a time.
  2. Purchase the entire course at once with one easy payment.
  3. Purchase the entire course with monthly payments.

1. Block 1 contains the first four lessons.

Content we will cover includes: Course Overview, introduction to Permaculture terms & concepts, and the Three Permaculture Ethics (Care of the Earth, Care of People, and Return the Surplus).


Block 1: Parts 1-4
Block 1: Parts 1-4
Part 1 - Introduction to Permaculture, Part 2 - Earthcare, Part 3 - Peoplecare, Part 4 - Faire Share
2. Full Course (one payment)
Sign up for the full course and have a new lesson Block automatically emailed to you each month!
The Full PDC course contains all 12 Lesson Blocks, covering everything from the theory and foundation all the way up to techniques and Design Methods.
Students completing all 12 Blocks will receive a graduation package containing their official Permaculture Design Certificate for Children as well as a number of prizes and giveaways!
Children's PDC: Full Course
Children's PDC: Full Course
All 12 Blocks (containing 48 lessons total). Each month a new lesson Block is emailed to you beginning with Block 1.
3. Full Course (Monthly payments)
Click the Subscribe button to set-up twelve monthly payments and have your lessons Block emailed to you each month!

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